Kingsbridge Locksmith Tips for a Successful Realtor’s Experience

There is a general notion in Kingsbridge that the job of a realtor is mainly to find the rightly priced property that meets the needs of their clients. Although that could be the primary function of the Kingsbridge realtor, the main focus should however be to see the best interest of their clients while fulfilling all the buying and selling requirements of their home. Even as performing this task effectively, the realtor needs to be aware of 4 important pieces of information related to locks. After all, locks exist in every home and securing the locks with the help of Kingsbridge locksmith remains the primary task to secure the homes.

Knowing Rekeying Locks

It is a known fact that changing locks is a wise decision one makes when moving into a new residence, especially when the home was occupied by a previous owner. However, not everyone knows that replacement of locks is not the only means to beef up security. Getting the locks replaced could be a costly and time-consuming proposition, as the task requires buying the entire hardware and installing it. A simpler and cost-effective alternative is rekeying.

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In rekeying, there is a reconfiguration of the inner mechanisms of the existing locks, and cutting of new keys are done that matches with the new configuration. The old locks are as good as the brand new one, as the old keys become useless. It is important for the homeowner as well as a realtor to be aware of rekeying. And realtors would do well to provide rekeying to their clients, instead of asking them about rekeying. Realtors would make the perfect gift to their client by providing rekeying, which is affordable, practical, and memorable. Undoubtedly this gift would make a lasting impression on your clients.





Strengthen Deadbolts

Deadbolts are generally taken as the primary item to secure most doors, though they can give way if the pressure applied is strong enough to split open the screws from the door frame. To bolster the strength of a deadbolt, it is important to use longer and stronger screws, because they reach to the studs that exist in the door frame, and make the door stronger against excessive force.

By making sure that the deadbolts that exist in the client’s doors are fitted with above average screws, you actually protect their property and get across your concern for the well-being of the client. The next time the client plans to move, he or she is likely to consider you first as their realtor.

Using a Single Key for Everything

Rekeying could be an excellent solution for a client who owns many homes at the same time. It would be so nice for the client if they could use a single key to use for multiple properties. Rekeying the mother or grandmother’s house to the same key as one’s own residence, the client would be extremely pleased as there will be no need to search out the right key every time they reach any property. And when it comes to rekeying, there will be no need to replace all the locks to make them ready to work with the same key. No confusion will arise due to managing different keys for locks in various properties as it will be easy to reconfigure the locks for a single key. Realtors would make a great act of passing this important piece of information to their clients and prevent them from facing sheer annoyance with their keys. Clients find the availability of important information helpful, which acts in developing a better relationship, and often brings in return business.

Decode the Lock with No Key

Sometimes, you may find locks that are without a key, and which the owner would find quite annoying as the locks could be guarding something valuable. Keys are vulnerable to misplacement while on the move, and there could be instances when it fails to turn back. The keys for desks, cabinets, mailboxes, garage doors and utility boxes often get misplaced, and that requires the client to install a new lock every time it happens. Many people fail to understand that it is possible to decode the lock and create new keys as a replacement for the lost ones. Licensed and certified Kingsbridge locksmith of One Stop Locksmith make use of advanced tools to decode and cut a new key for that lock to open. Passing this valuable piece of information to clients would save a considerable time, money and frustration, if ever they misplace key.

Realty & One Stop Locksmith

Clients depend heavily on the realtors when it comes to selecting a new home. By being well-informed about the various locks and lock security, you can actually help your client know the proper way of securing their new home. One Stop Locksmith would love to work along with realtors in Kingsbridge so that their clients get the best security in their new home. We provide affordable lost keys replacement, and rekeying of locks to new homeowners as well as high-security locks, creation/maintenance of master key system, emergency lock picking services, patio locks, burglary safes, and home security surveys. Call us today and provide the best closing gift to your clients.

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