How to Stop Car Locks from Freezing

When I lived in a southern climate it never crossed my mind that car door locks could freeze solid. Last year my husband was stationed and Andersen Air Force Base in Alaska and for the first time I lived in an area that was not only cold but often involved temperatures in the minuses. Ice fog is common here and we can go for months without the temperature getting anywhere close to above freezing. Sometimes my husband even throws the contents of a hot cup of coffee up into the air outside to watch how it will freeze even before it hits the ground. We have bought all the appropriate clothing, though, and our house stays remarkably warm even on the coldest nights. One problem that I never could have anticipated arose a couple of weeks ago, though, which was that after a particularly cold night, the locks on our vehicle door were completely frozen. We couldn’t turn that key at all, so we contacted a professional company for assistance. Soon after that we were able to use our vehicle again and now we know how to prevent our car door locks from freezing again when the temperatures plummet outside. In the video below you will find a surprisingly useful tip on how to prevent the car locks from freezing over. However if your locks are currently frozen contact a professional locksmith service to come out and help you. It is very possible to break your car’s door locking mechanism if you do not know what you are doing costing you more money in replacement parts. Visit our residential locksmith page or commercial locksmith page, we service the Bronx, NY . If your car lock is currently frozen contact us 888-599-5625