How to Remove a Broken Key From a Door Lock

A do it yourself tip from One stop Locksmith. Breaking a key in half always seems to happen when you’re in a hurry. You may have turned the key too hard or too forcefully, causing in to split. With one half of your key in the door lock and the other in your hand, you may wonder what to do next. First, spray the lock with lubricant and then go to your garage to locate a pair of needle nose pliers. Using the pliers to hold the key in place, move it slowly to see if you can pull it out. If the key resists, try turning the lock tumbler to loosen it. If you can’t do this on your own contact us at 888-599-5625 For a residential Locksmith in the Bronx or for a commercial locksmith

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How to Set Up Keys for Door Locks

Pro tip on How to Set Up Keys for Door Locks by One Stop Locksmith. Learning how to set up keys for door locks is a good safety precaution for those who live in high crime areas and there are a number of people who require entry to a building. Too often, it takes the skills of a professional locksmith to handle the set up for door locks. Let’s take a look at a basic two entry keys for door locks setup. Usually a master key is used for a point of entry for several people. Other access points are provided with another entry key. This method provides basic security. Contact a professional locksmith for more information on setup keys for door locks. If your are looking to set up security procedure at you office building or apartment building visit our commercial locksmith page for more info. We are experts in auto, home and commercial locksmith serving the Bronx . Contact us at 1-888-599-5625 or fill out our contact form.

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How to Stop Car Locks from Freezing

When I lived in a southern climate it never crossed my mind that car door locks could freeze solid. Last year my husband was stationed and Andersen Air Force Base in Alaska and for the first time I lived in an area that was not only cold but often involved temperatures in the minuses. Ice fog is common here and we can go for months without the temperature getting anywhere close to above freezing. Sometimes my husband even throws the contents of a hot cup of coffee up into the air outside to watch how it will freeze even before it hits the ground. We have bought all the appropriate clothing, though, and our house stays remarkably warm even on the coldest nights. One problem that I never could have anticipated arose a couple of weeks ago, though, which was that after a particularly cold night, the locks on our vehicle door were completely frozen. We couldn’t turn that key at all, so we contacted a professional company for assistance. Soon after that we were able to use our vehicle again and now we know how to prevent our car door locks from freezing again when the temperatures plummet outside. In the video below you will find a surprisingly useful tip on how to prevent the car locks from freezing over. However if your locks are currently frozen contact a professional locksmith service to come out and help you. It is very possible to break your car’s door locking mechanism if you do not know what you are doing costing you more money in replacement parts. Visit our residential locksmith page or commercial locksmith page, we service the Bronx, NY . If your car lock is currently frozen contact us 888-599-5625


How to Install a Home Door Lock

A Pro tip on How to Install a Home Door Lock. Installing a home door lock can be either very easy or very difficult, depending on many factors. The biggest of these factors will be whether you’re upgrading your lock or using the same exact one. Often, the same lock can’t be found, meaning the holes drilled into your door won’t be the same size. In this case, you have your work cut out for you. You can start by measuring the preexisting hole left by your old lock. Keep that number handy, because you shouldn’t get anything smaller than that measurement. While you can always make the hole bigger, you can’t make it smaller– so that number is important. Next, you want to switch out all of your old hardware with the new hardware. Make sure that you use a power driver when you’re doing all of this to make sure you get a very tight seal on the screws. If the hole from your old lock is too small, you’ll have to widen it. This can sometimes be a fairly technical operation, so it may be worth your while to find a qualified lock installer to do it for you. They have all the tools necessary, and often their work will come with a labor warranty. For help installing locks in home or office contact us at:888-599-5625 or fill out our contact form for a Bronx locksmith. We can help with your residential locksmith and commercial locksmith needs


How to Get Copies of Lost Car Keys Made

If your car keys are nowhere to be found, your first reaction may be to panic. While understandable, it isn’t necessary when you know what to do to get a replacement. Grab a pen and paper and locate your vehicle identification number (VIN) that can be viewed through the driver’s side window. With this information in hand, call the car dealership where you bought the car to see if they can duplicate your key. If that isn’t possible, contact a professional locksmith company for further assistance. They deal with this situation all the time and can get you back in your car in no time.