Beef Up the Security of Your New Home with Little Ingenuity

If you are a new homeowner in Throgs Neck, you may feel a little excited at the future prospects. You love the extra space of the new home and look forward to meeting new faces in your neighborhood. But you also feel a little scared at your new home. This is because the huge investment that you made in owning the home makes you a bit worried about possible damages that could occur to the property. This could be in the form of theft and vandalism to your home, and fixing them could cost you thousands of dollars, which may be prohibitive.

Fortunately, following few easy steps you could prevent theft and break-ins happening in your new home. Here are these steps that will beef up the security of your home without costing you an arm and a leg.

Get Services of Professional Removalists

When it comes to saving money, you find it worthwhile to get the help of friends and family when you move house. And when the moving van reaches your new home, your neighbors are likely to offer help. However, not everyone has good intentions, and there are chances of someone making use of the situation and try stealing items like costly electronics, antique jewelry, etc. Hence, it would make sense to hire the services of a reliable removalist that provides services that include insurance as well. If you find something missing during the move, you can make a claim.

Quick Changes of Locks and Keys

Once you ink the deal with the seller, you may feel positive about your new home.  And after receiving your keys from the seller, you feel a little thrilled knowing that you finally own the home. But there are chances of the seller leaving spare keys with their family or friends. And this friendly act could compromise the security of your home, as anyone having the spare keys could open the front door when you are not at home.

Source: Google Image Search

Source: Google Image Search

Hence, at your new home, it would do well to hire the services of professional Throgs Neck locksmith to make changes to your locks and rekey all of home. If a garage door opener is there for your home, do a reprogramming of the opener also.

Go for Good Window Treatments

Your home looks like a blank canvas for the first time you enter your home. You could do a painting of the rooms, put in tasteful hangings, etc, wherever you like to place them. Within few days and months, your home will reflect your taste and personality. You make new blinds, drapes, and curtains as you start settling into your home. These you do to prevent passers-by see your rooms through bare windows and come to know about all the valuables that are worth grabbing. With the installation of solid window treatments, you make sure that your house has more of a home feel as well as prevent prying eyes of passers-by.

Have a New Safe

At the time of buying your house, you make use of your personal documents, from bank statements to tax forms. All these forms make it easy for the lender to close the deal, and making sure that the required funds necessary to purchase the house are available.

However, after you move to your new house, you require a safe place to keep these documents in a secure manner. The traditional cardboard box might not be the best thing to protect your documents. If ever anyone finds these documents, they could make use of the valuable data to steal millions of dollars in credit.

The best thing you could do is to get in touch with a professional Throgs Neck locksmith and discuss installing a modern burglary safe in your new home. The sooner you make your personal information secure, the better it is for you to rest peacefully.

Feel Safe and Secure

These are few important steps that you could make use of to beef up the security of your new home. With little imagination, you could find newer ways to improve the security of your investment. Contact One Stop Locksmith for for better security of your property.

Consider the Nature of Services before Hiring a Riverdale Locksmith

The nature of services that are provided by a Riverdale locksmith depends on the type of services for which the locksmith is hired to successfully execute the task. The various types of locksmiths available include auto locksmiths, emergency locksmiths, residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths.

Auto locksmiths are well-known to provide emergency auto lock services. Among the services they offer are car lockouts, resolutions of lost keys, servicing the locking keys, removing a key off in the ignition, or keypads access. The service provider makes use of auto locksmith tools to work on the vehicular issue. Other services provided by auto locksmiths include lock or cylinder change, key making and key replacing for ignition and door of the vehicle.

The emergency locksmiths assist homes and businesses when some lock related issues occur. There could be instances where the owner of the home or business gets locked inside their home or business. In situations like these, the owner needs to call the emergency lockout services. This type of services is also required if there is any burglary attempt on the property. This service has a major role to play in the repair of broken doors or locks. The emergency locksmiths of One Stop Locksmith are reputed for their quick response to emergency calls in their toll-free number at any time of the day or night. So getting their services is just a call away.

The standard locksmith services are meant for the residential and commercial locks. The locks in this category keep changing over time and the locksmiths who are providing such services have to keep themselves abreast of the latest development in lock technology. Often these locksmiths can provide advice on the right type of lock that is appropriate for your home or business. These locksmiths also provide other services like repairing, upgrading, changing locks at the householder or commercial establishment.

Riverdale Locksmith

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When looking for a trained and skilled locksmith, in addition to having expert knowledge and experience in carrying out the job successfully, the locksmith should be licensed and has the BBB A+ rating that ensures that the locksmith has expert knowledge and experience in carrying out the job successfully. In this respect, you could get in touch with certified locksmiths of One Stop Locksmith who are adept at providing their services during an emergency.

A trustworthy Riverdale locksmith company will be providing their contact details on their official website, and likely their location map as well that shows their location or the areas that they serve. The website will also have a list of services they provide, and possibly emergency call-out services for residential and business needs. However, not all providers offer automotive locksmith services, and hence it would do well to check if the locksmith company has a segment to provide auto locksmith services also. Finally, one should check the presence of Accreditation by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and references on the website of the locksmith company. After all, their presence is a good sign that they have the necessary expertise and experience.

One Stop Locksmith is a Riverdale locksmith Company accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB), and offering 24 hours emergency locksmith services all through the year. You can learn more about their services by visiting or call to speak with their customer care number 718-548-0666.

Alarming Facts about Lock Bumping

An experienced intruder can get into your home in as little as 15 seconds.  Today there are many tools available online (or even tools that thieves can make themselves) that allow intruders quick access into your home or place of business.

Intruders today are using a process known as lock bumping to gain access to locked doors. Lock bumping is high security pluga popular technique used by criminals to open cylinder locks and deadbolt locks by using a specially designed key called a bump key. Lock bumping has gained popularity in the past few years due to the simplicity and effectiveness of this technique. Originally used by locksmiths, this technique has come to the attention of criminals who can simply search the internet for topics like, “How to Create a Bump Key”, and they are given step by step instructions on how to create a bump key and how to “bump open” a lock!  There are countless videos on You Tube that demonstrate the entire process as well! If this is not a greenlight for crime – I don’t know what is!

What is a bump key?

Bump keys are special keys that are cut to take advantage of the mechanics of pin tumbler locks.  It is basically a standard key that has all the cuts (or valleys) at maximum depth so that it can fit it into all locks. If the bump key physically fits into a lock, there is a good chance the key will open the lock.  Many sites on the internet sell a complete bump key set for about $20.00.  This key will open virtually any lock.  In addition, homemade bump keys can be easily made with an old key and a triangular file.  Lock bumping can be learned in under an hour and requires almost no skills. With bump keys and tutorials so readily available online, lock bumping has become one of the most effective tools in the criminal’s arsenal. According to the Crime, “Researchers estimate that over 95% of conventional home and business locks are vulnerable to a bump key attack.”

What can you do to protect your home?

high Security

Today, more than 90% of American homes have doors with old style cylinder locks which are extremely vulnerable to lock bumping.  Even brand-new locks from big box home improvement and hardware stores are also vulnerable to lock bumping.

The best option is to purchase a high security cylinder lock that can protect your home. These locks are known for their strength and resistance to tampering.  They are secure locks that are bump and pick resistant and they offer a significant defense against picking, drilling, and unauthorized key duplication.  Made of solid metal such as brass or steel they also offer an added defense against forced entry.

One Stop Locksmith has a large selection of the strongest, high security locks and keys for your home.  They can install these locks on any door in your home; giving you the protection and peace of mind you want for the safety of your home and family. Give them a call at 888-599-5625 and they can inspect all of the locks on your home or place of business. Protect your home, family or place of business with a high security locks today.

Avoid the Locksmith Scammers

Avoid the Locksmith Scammers

24 hour locksmithIf you are in need of a locksmith, especially in an emergency situation, the whole experience can be alarming, overwhelming and even cause anxiety. A friend of mine recently found herself in that situation and unfortunately, her unlucky experience of being locked out her house – became even more disastrous when she was scammed by a phony locksmith company.

My friend had just returned from vacation and after a long day of traveling across the country, she was finally home.  When she tried to get into her front door, she realized she had lost her house keys. Whether they were in the taxi, the airplane or her hotel didn’t matter at this point as it was late and dark and being alone, she wanted to get inside her home!   Of course she had her cell phone with her so she searched for a locksmith and was happy to find a locksmith that offered 24 hour services at very reasonable prices. This locksmith claimed that the cost would be under $20.00 to get her into her home and they would also be able to make her a new key right on the spot!  (Sounds too good to be true – right?) But at that moment it was a great sense of relief to my friend and it sounded like a great deal to her, so she gave them her address.

Within a half hour, someone did show up at her home and they did get her into her house.  However, (and this is a big “however”) – they broke the entire knob and handle off of her door, which required a replacement that they could provide immediately.  The cost of course, was nowhere near $20.00 as promised, the entire service cost $300.00 and they demanded to be paid in cash!  Now I won’t go into the rest of the story – but the point is that my friend was scammed!  In this case the so called “locksmith” used what is known as a “Bait and Switch” technique.  In this shameful scam, locksmiths advertise unreasonably low prices to attract business and can charge as much as 400 to 500 percent more after completing their work!  In addition to the bait and switch tactic, the following are some other scam tactics that these phony locksmiths may use:

Cash Only Scam: Scammers pose as locksmiths, and, after “fixing” a customer’s lock, they claim they can only take cash payment due to a broken credit card machine or some other illegitimate excuse. This prevents the customer from disputing the charge later.

Identity Theft:  In this tactic, the customer usually receives decent service and pays the expected price but the criminal providing the service steals their private information to either sell or utilize for themselves.

New Handle or Door Knob Scam: The alleged locksmiths will claim that the only way to gain access to a customer’s home is by breaking the handle or wrenching it off. This requires the customer to buy one of the scammer’s overpriced replacements, but the customer doesn’t know this until after the damage is done.

As I review my friend’s story and some of the scams that are out there – I see that she was a victim of more than one type of scam. So what can you do to prevent this from happening to you?  According to the Better Business Bureau there are several things to be aware of when hiring a locksmith.  You should always lookout for warning signs like suspiciously low prices, a locksmith in an unmarked vehicle with no company uniform, cash-only policies, a collection of negative reviews online, or the demand for upfront payment. By taking just a few extra minutes to stop and evaluate your situation, you can stop from making a rash decision and prevent yourself from becoming the next locksmith scam victim.

For a reliable and trustworthy locksmith, you can count on One Stop Locksmith for all of your locksmith needs.  For experienced locksmith services call us any time at 718-548-0666 or 914-966-0666.   Or call 888-599-LOCK (5625) .




How to Remove a Broken Key From a Door Lock

A do it yourself tip from One stop Locksmith. Breaking a key in half always seems to happen when you’re in a hurry. You may have turned the key too hard or too forcefully, causing in to split. With one half of your key in the door lock and the other in your hand, you may wonder what to do next. First, spray the lock with lubricant and then go to your garage to locate a pair of needle nose pliers. Using the pliers to hold the key in place, move it slowly to see if you can pull it out. If the key resists, try turning the lock tumbler to loosen it. If you can’t do this on your own contact us at 888-599-5625 For a residential Locksmith in the Bronx or for a commercial locksmith

For more tips:

How to Set Up Keys for Door Locks

Pro tip on How to Set Up Keys for Door Locks by One Stop Locksmith. Learning how to set up keys for door locks is a good safety precaution for those who live in high crime areas and there are a number of people who require entry to a building. Too often, it takes the skills of a professional locksmith to handle the set up for door locks. Let’s take a look at a basic two entry keys for door locks setup. Usually a master key is used for a point of entry for several people. Other access points are provided with another entry key. This method provides basic security. Contact a professional locksmith for more information on setup keys for door locks. If your are looking to set up security procedure at you office building or apartment building visit our commercial locksmith page for more info. We are experts in auto, home and commercial locksmith serving the Bronx . Contact us at 1-888-599-5625 or fill out our contact form.

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How to Stop Car Locks from Freezing

When I lived in a southern climate it never crossed my mind that car door locks could freeze solid. Last year my husband was stationed and Andersen Air Force Base in Alaska and for the first time I lived in an area that was not only cold but often involved temperatures in the minuses. Ice fog is common here and we can go for months without the temperature getting anywhere close to above freezing. Sometimes my husband even throws the contents of a hot cup of coffee up into the air outside to watch how it will freeze even before it hits the ground. We have bought all the appropriate clothing, though, and our house stays remarkably warm even on the coldest nights. One problem that I never could have anticipated arose a couple of weeks ago, though, which was that after a particularly cold night, the locks on our vehicle door were completely frozen. We couldn’t turn that key at all, so we contacted a professional company for assistance. Soon after that we were able to use our vehicle again and now we know how to prevent our car door locks from freezing again when the temperatures plummet outside. In the video below you will find a surprisingly useful tip on how to prevent the car locks from freezing over. However if your locks are currently frozen contact a professional locksmith service to come out and help you. It is very possible to break your car’s door locking mechanism if you do not know what you are doing costing you more money in replacement parts. Visit our residential locksmith page or commercial locksmith page, we service the Bronx, NY . If your car lock is currently frozen contact us 888-599-5625


How to Install a Home Door Lock

A Pro tip on How to Install a Home Door Lock. Installing a home door lock can be either very easy or very difficult, depending on many factors. The biggest of these factors will be whether you’re upgrading your lock or using the same exact one. Often, the same lock can’t be found, meaning the holes drilled into your door won’t be the same size. In this case, you have your work cut out for you. You can start by measuring the preexisting hole left by your old lock. Keep that number handy, because you shouldn’t get anything smaller than that measurement. While you can always make the hole bigger, you can’t make it smaller– so that number is important. Next, you want to switch out all of your old hardware with the new hardware. Make sure that you use a power driver when you’re doing all of this to make sure you get a very tight seal on the screws. If the hole from your old lock is too small, you’ll have to widen it. This can sometimes be a fairly technical operation, so it may be worth your while to find a qualified lock installer to do it for you. They have all the tools necessary, and often their work will come with a labor warranty. For help installing locks in home or office contact us at:888-599-5625 or fill out our contact form for a Bronx locksmith. We can help with your residential locksmith and commercial locksmith needs


How to Get Copies of Lost Car Keys Made

If your car keys are nowhere to be found, your first reaction may be to panic. While understandable, it isn’t necessary when you know what to do to get a replacement. Grab a pen and paper and locate your vehicle identification number (VIN) that can be viewed through the driver’s side window. With this information in hand, call the car dealership where you bought the car to see if they can duplicate your key. If that isn’t possible, contact a professional locksmith company for further assistance. They deal with this situation all the time and can get you back in your car in no time.